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To get the real taste of authentic Mughlai cuisine, one needs to travel to Agra. It's no surprise that the Muslim empire left indelible imprints on Agra's cuisine as well, much like it has in Delhi and other parts of North India. Agra is also famous for snacks and sweets like Dalmoth and Petha. Dalmoth is a traditional namkeen, or savory dry snack, in Agra, made from fried lentils, nuts, spices, and oil. Crispy, spicy, and a little greasy.
Petha is a centuries-old sweet made from ash gourd—also called white pumpkin or squash—cooked in sugar syrup, and it comes in many varieties: plain (white); kesar(saffron); with nuts; in colorful shades of pineapple, coconut, mango; in small balls or rectangular hunks; served dry or in some syrup. You can choose from a wide variety of Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian food as well as a variety of international cuisine. Tourists from all walks of life can enjoy a fulfilling experience of eating and relishing the famous food in Agra as well as its specialties without being disappointed.