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Shopping in Agra covers an array of things. A tour to the City of Agra is incomplete without Shopping. When one browses through the rows of shops dotted on the narrow congested lanes.
The markets of Agra bear the remnants of the past glory when their ethnic arts and crafts were patronized and popularized by the Mughal emperors. Some of the items for which Agra is famous include handicrafts items like marble tabletops, soft stone lay work, semi precious stones, jewellery items and hand made leather items.
The small replica of the Taj Mahal makes a popular souvenir, decorated with inlay work with semi-precious and precious stones imitating the style of the pietra dura work on the grand Taj. The 'Chikan embroidery' and thread and zari work on clothing illustrate the plush art traditions that have been carried down over the generations in the family of artisans.
Some of the popular bazaars in Agra that you can visit on your shopping tour include the Kinari Bazaar, Pratap Pura, Sadar Bazaar, Munro Road, Taj Ganj and Gwalior Road.